New Blog Site to Follow me on!

There has been a lot of changes in my life over the past two months. Two major changes have been my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world and I took a position at Concurrency, Inc. I am very excited about both of these changes in my  life!  My position at Concurrency is focused on System Center, Service Manager and Orchestrator are the main technologies I am working on currently. If you can’t tell from my previous blog post here, I love working on all of the System Center products. Since Concurrency encourages their employees to blog on their blog, I have started posting my blog post their blog site, you can find my future post here. I still plan to blog about any of the system center products when I find topics that have not been covered by others in the community.  I encourage you to take a look at the whole blog and see some of the other awesome post by my coworkers, it is a great resource that I used even before I was an employee.

I may cross post items here still, I have not ruled that out yet, we will see but with the new baby my spare time is limited.

I already have two new post on the Concurrency blog:

How to install Orchestrator Integration Toolkit without WiX v3.5

Deploying User Experience Virtualization with ConfigMgr 2012

and currently working on a few other topics, one of them will be a Service Manager Activity you can add to your user deactivation process in Orchestrator or Service Management Automation, optimized for SMA  and I plan to cover some tips for working with PowerShell workflows.

If you need some help with your System Center deployment or other Microsoft technologies look me up on twitter or use the contact us page at Concurrency’s web site.

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