Fully Automate deployments of GoToMeeting Updates – Part 1

In this multi-part blog post I am going to show you have I have fully automated the deployment of the GoToMeeting Client each time there is an update.

In Part 1 we are going to go build three Orchestrator runbooks

  1. the first runbook will monitor when the process should run
  2. the second runbook will be the main control runbook
  3. the third runbook will Unzip the zip file if there was an update downloaded with the runbook we will build in Part 2

Runbook 1


details of the Monitor date/time activity – I have it setup to check every 7 days


the invoke runbook activity will point to runbook 2

Runbook 2


Runbook 2 is the workflow runbook that calls all of the other runbooks that do the real work. You will need 5 invoke runbooks and a .net script, I will come back to this runbook after we have build all of the other required runbooks.

.Net Script

image image

Runbook 3


Initialize Data                                                                   


Set SCCM Source Files


$SCCMsourcefilepath  is the directory that the zip file will be extracted too.





Return Data


Watch for part 2 of this blog post where I will go over the PowerShell script that checks for new versions of GoToMeeting.

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