SCSM Citrix Connector

In this blog post I am going to show you how I built a Orchestrator Runbook for a Citrix Connector to populate my CMDB with a list of my citrix servers. I used the blackberry connector post here as a template to create my runbook.

Here is the overview of the runbook.


My runbook Starts with a Monitor Date/Time Activity that runs every hour


Next I check the schedule I have created, this allows me to control when the connector runs just by editing the schedule.


Next I Query the Citrix Farm database



here is the query I am running

SELECT [attrvalue]
where [attrvalue] like ‘CTX%’

this queries the server names and returns the servers that start with CTX you can modify the where statement to meat your needs.


the input string value: {Full line as a string with fields separated by ’;’ from “Query Citrix Database”}

Next we will get the


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