VMM 2012 Monitoring Bug

In this blog post I am going to show you a bug I found and how to create the override to silence the alerts. The bug has been reported to Microsoft.

In version 3.1.6011.0 of the System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager Monitoring MP there is a bug when monitoring a VMware environment. If you have added a Vcenter server to your VMM environment you will see alerts like the image below. “VGS not Installed”


If you look at the configuration of this monitor it is just looking at all Virtual Machines. Vmware VMs don’t need to have Virtual Guest Services installed.


Here is the steps to create the override.

First you will need to build a SCOM group that contains all of you VMware Virtual Machines, in my example I am going to use a group from the Veeam MP for VMware so the group is dynamically updated for me by Veeam.

Right click the alert or use the overrides task on the left task bar. select Override for a group.


Select your group


Check the override box for enabled and change the value to False and makes sure to save your override in a management pack for your System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manger Monitoring Overrides (don’t use the default MP).


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