Lessons learned SCOM SP1 Upgrade – Part 2

In this blog post I will show you how to clean up the registry if you get the following error.

22:26:25]: Always: :Operations Manager Agent is also installed on the machine. Since we are upgrading Server we will remove Agent from this machine and add back the Agent Management group after server upgrade.
[22:26:25]: Always: :uninstalling product with product code: {5155DCF6-A1B5-4882-A670-60BF9FCFD688}
[22:26:25]: Debug: :GetFullPathBasedOnSetupLocation: Attempted to resolve a file at Z:\Setup\AMD64\ but it wasn’t found there.  Will return an empty string.
[22:26:25]: Debug: :InstallItem.GetFullPath did not resolve a path with inputs SetupLocation,

Using Process monitor I was able to find that the installer was checking for some registry keys to see if the SCOM agent is installed on the server. since at some point this server has the agent installed prior to the install of the management server there was 2 registry keys I found that the installer checked for, after removing the second key the setup passed the initial configuration step of the setup wizard.

Open Regedit and either search or navigate to the following key.


after removing that registry key fired up process monitor again before attempting the upgrade to SP1 again, found the following key being accessed by the setup wizard.


After removing that registry key, followed the same process and used process monitor to ensure that if there was another registry key access by the install wizard I would be sure to capture it in the log. the Upgrade completed the initial configuration step at this point.

Looking through the process monitor logs looking for the string “HKEY_classes_root\Installer” was the key to finding the offending registry entries. I know there was someone else who had run into an issue with the setup wizard reporting the SCOM 2007 agent still installed  If you follow this same process it should turn up the registry keys.

hope this is helpful to someone.

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4 Responses to Lessons learned SCOM SP1 Upgrade – Part 2

  1. gerrie says:

    Awesome, this saved my bacon, had the exact same issue on one of my clients where the upgrade was failing. deleted the exact same keys and now upgraded succesfull

  2. Harinder says:

    You saved me too. Thanks and it worked after deleting those registry keys we are unblocked now and upgraded successfully.

  3. TorATB says:

    Great tip 🙂

  4. Vijay says:

    Great work…Thanks a lot…after removing the key it worked like a champ!!!

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