SCSM Management Group fails to start after SP1 when System Center Advisor is installed

After upgrading my SCSM management server to SP1, I found that my management server would not start. The only error I could find in the logs that was related was this error that wasn’t very helpful.

The Management Group <MGNAME> failed to start.  The error message is 0x80131701(0x80131701).  A previous message with more detail may have been logged.

When I found this error message at first it was followed by some SCOM management group errors, this turned out to not be related so I’m going to skip the details on that.

After I had ruled out my SCOM management Group, I tried removing system center Advisor and restarting the system center management service.

Once the System center management server restarted the error in the even log didn’t reoccur and within a few minutes workflows were working again.

I didn’t have any problems running System Center Advisor on my SCSM servers pre SP1. With the addition of the custom SCOM agent that is part of SP1 you need to make sure you don’t have System Center Advisor installed on your SCSM management servers.

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4 Responses to SCSM Management Group fails to start after SP1 when System Center Advisor is installed

  1. Andrew Handerson says:

    How? What is it specifically? I don’t see anything in my programs listing, or services called this. However, I get the same error you’re showing above.

    • planker1 says:

      Check to see if the SCOM agent is installed maybe, the system center advisor agent is a scom agent and will install the 2007 version of the scom agent if there is not a 2012 version installed on the computer already.

      I couldn’t find the error message on the web and this is what resolve my problem, there could be more to this error since there is no official documentation from the system center team.

  2. Andrew Handerson says:

    Overall, the upgrade has been a very large disappointment.

    I may as well just uninstall and start all over again since that’s apparently MS’s answer anyways. There’s no way to fix this without that procedure.

    • planker1 says:

      you can stand up a new VM and install a 2nd SCSM Management server and then uninstall your broken Management server and reinstall the SCSM management Server without lossing any of your customizations.

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