Bugs with SCCM 2012 And Powershell v3

There is a known bug with the SCCM MP and powershell/WMI v3 if you have the SCCM agent installed on your Management Point Server.  When the SCCM agent health check runs nightly it rebuilds WMI and breaks the MP.

Update 1/30/2014

please see my follow up post here on how to setup a Configuration Item to find this on your network if you are running Pre SP1 ConfigMgr still.

I opened a case with Microsoft support they confirmed that there was a known bug with WMF 3.0 and SCCM MP. they had two options to resolve this

1. unisntall WMF 3.0 and uninstall the SCCM agent from the Management point Server (would need to uninstall and reinstall the MP after SCCM agent is removed)

2. edit the NotifyOnly Regkey to TRUE. full path to the Key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CCM\CcmEval\NotifyOnly

They attempted to uninstall WMF 3.0 and reinstall the Management Point with the following steps

1. unisntall WMF 3.0

2. Uninstall the SCCM agent

3. Uninstall SCCM MP

4. run CCMClean from the SMS 2003 toolkit

5. reinstall the MP and SCCM agent

the MP still failed when the SCCM agent health check was run. So we disabled the notifyOnly RegKey on the SCCM MP and then things were back to normal with the exception that the SCCM agent health check does not fix WMI issues.

The notifyonly regkey tells the agent to not attempt to fix WMI if the agent thinks WMI is unhealthy.

The problem is related to WMI 3.0 that is installed with powershell v3.

Microsoft has not confirmed that the bug is really related to the client but from what I have seen I believe that is the case also we had many other applications Veeam,  was the big one that we had issues with if a job was running when the SCCM agent did it’s health check.

Ways to detect the problem

1. In the application event log there is an event ID 4 logged every night shortly after the sccm agent health check is scheduled to run.

SCCM Powershell V3 Error

2. Multiple applications that rely on WMI start failing between 12am and 2am.

The official SCCM team has bloged about this also  http://blogs.technet.com/b/configmgrteam/archive/2012/12/18/known-issue-configuration-manager-management-points-collocated-with-clients-fail.aspx

Related: I also found this post on the Exchange team’s blog yesterday, stating that you should not install WMF 3.0 on exchange 2007 or 2010 yet.  http://blogs.technet.com/b/exchange/archive/2012/12/14/windows-management-framework-3-0-on-exchange-2007-and-exchange-2010.aspx

Update 12 Feb 2013:

Check out my other blog post about related WMI issues on SQL Servers after WMF 3.0 is isntalled and the SCCM WMI repair has failed.

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7 Responses to Bugs with SCCM 2012 And Powershell v3

  1. Is it really neccesary to uninstall the SCCM agent? Isn’t it enough to uninstall the KB update?

    • planker1 says:

      If you are fixing the MP I would recommend reinstalling the agent if you are fixing clients I just created a compliance setting for the notifyonly regkey and set it to auto remediate

    • planker1 says:

      I added a link to the SCCM team’s blog post it looks like the official word is you just need to change the RegKey and reinstall the MP.

  2. steelie34 says:

    We pushed the update for WinRM 3.0 to several of our servers, including the SCCM server. It has caused the exact behavior you describe, with the client rebuilding the WMI repository every night. The registry change has stopped this behavior, but we are still having quite a few WMI related errors on our web servers and a few database servers. Beware of this update! Unless you have Server 2012 or Win8 clients I would not install this…

  3. Gary says:

    I ran throught the steps above, except I didn’t run CCMClean, as I’m unfamiliar. After reinstalling the MP, it’s now in “OK” status, however the Application Catalog website & Application Catalog web service is still in Critical, as well as my DP that is on another server.

    • planker1 says:

      I ran into this issue a few times while i was having issues with the MP and couldn’t figure out the cause, I can’t remember if I rebooted the server and that fixed it or if I had to re-install them. I didn’t have any problems with my DP but if you don’t have more than 1 of each role in your site everything stops to work really quick when you run into this issue.

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